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Now we reach over one million viewers with Canal Digital

In mid-September, we had the pleasure of presenting Canal Digital as the next operator

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where TV Vision Sweden is now available. Just like Viasat, we are there as a free, uncoded channel, which means that everyone with a satellite dish directed at either Viasat or Canal Digital’s satellites can get into Vision Sweden at no cost. That way, we now reach out to over a million households and even more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in Sweden!


As always, you can also see Vision Sweden on the Internet, on Apple TV, on the mobile phone or on the tablet. In addition, we continue to increase strongly on Facebook where we reach more and more (thousands every day!) And receive an increasing response, both among Christians and those who have not yet received Jesus in their hearts. All in all, there are clear steps in the direction of reaching out with the gospel to all of Sweden, equipping Christ Body for revival and conveying God’s presence, healing and salvation. You who have Canal Digital will find TV Vision Sweden on channel 167. In Norway you will find Vision Sweden on channel 183. You may need to make some extra settings to get in the channel, as with all other channels. At Viasat, we are there as before at channel site 111. Congratulations Sweden and THANK YOU JESUS ​​!!

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