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About Vision Sweden


TV Vision Sweden has been broadcasting 24/7 since Mars 1st 2015. Our broadcasts are reaching over 1.4 millions households.


TV Vision Sweden is burning with passion to carry out the gospel about Jesus Christ, to see people get saved and healed, and to equip the people of God for His revival! We are also broadcasting daily four hours of programming in Arabic, Farsi, Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian, Spanish, and Somalian in order to reach our immigrated Swedish population with the Gospel in their own language. We don’t want to wait for them to learn Swedish before we can preach to them. They need to hear the good news now!

Part of the Vision Family

TV Vision Sweden is a sister channel to TV Vision Norway (TV Visjon Norge) and is a part of the Vision Family. TV Vision Norway was founded in 2003 and has been broadcasting 24/7 ever since. TV Vision Norway is the largest Christian TV Channel in Scandinavia.

Live broadcasts several days a week

TV Vision Sweden is broadcasting live several nights per week. This includes our night show Sverige Live filled with testimonies, teaching, prayer,  and conferences.

Interdenominational TV-channel

TV Vision Sweden is an interdenominational TV-channel with bible believing partners from most Swedish denominations. Our goal is to be a blessing to the whole body of Christ in Sweden.

What we believe

The Bible

We believe that the whole Bible is inspired by God. Our beliefs, actions and teachings must be in line with the Word of God.

The Trinity

We believe in one God who is three separate persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he came as the Savior of the world.


We believe that Jesus died on the cross and sacrificed his blood and his life for our sins. We believe that there is salvation in what Jesus did for us on the cross. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and will return.


Baptism in water

We believe water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of Jesus’ blood and as testimony of our faith in Jesus.


We recall what Jesus did for us on the cross through communion.


We believe that all believers ought to have a natural growth in their fellowship with Jesus by doing what the word says, by listening to the Holy Spirit and by becoming more like Jesus in daily life.



This is Vision Sweden’s primary goal, to deliver a message that leads to repentance, salvation and a new life with the Lord. 


Vision Sweden has a special heart for those who have nothing. For many years, Vision Sweden has conducted extensive relief work in Eastern Europe, primarily in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country. In the west, Albania in particular has been a big part of Vision Sweden’s heart. Albania is defined as Europe’s second poorest country.


Vision Sweden believes in healing through prayer and has over the years received countless feedback from people who have experienced healing. Prayer is a key word in Vision Sweden. “Without prayer, Vision Sweden stops”.


From the very beginning of Vision Norway, the head of Vision Family, has been very close to Israel. The Jews are God’s chosen people and since 2005 Vision Norway has broadcast live from the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. Following in Vision Norway’s footsteps, Vision Sweden has also supported Israel in various way. In everything that happens in the Vision Family, including Vision Sweden, is to support Israel and give a share a different perspective on the issues happening there.

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