• Vision Sweden wishes to reach out with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the Swedish people via sattelite, web-tv and social media.
  • Vision Sweden wants to communicate the gospel daily to the children, through Christian programs for kids.
  • Vision Sweden wishes to broadcast youth programs, short films and docusoap shows, that communicate the gospel in a relevant way to the youth.
  • Vision Sweden wants to broadcast two hours of live talkshows every day, to communicate the gospel straight into peoples homes. We will have a call center that receives prayer topics and feedback from the viewers. There will be live broadcasts Monday to Thursday from different churches, and Friday to Sunday we will address the youth.
  • Vision Sweden also wishes to provide immigrants in Sweden with television programs  in their own language (Arabic / Persian) and considering their cultural understanding. We want to provide a network that follows up and integrates.
  • Vision Sweden wants to build a network of congregations and organizations from different parts of Christ’s body, to stand together in partnership to preach the gospel and build the body of Christ in Sweden.


Our daily schedule includes:

4 hours of arabic and persian programs

1 hour of children’s programs

2 hours of live broadcasts from different locations in Sweden, like Uppsala, Stockholm, Uddevalla and Örebro

When TV Vision Norway, the largest Scandinavian Christian TV channel, decided to start a sister channel in Sweden some years ago, it was named Vision Nordic. That era is now over, and as the first step in a relaunch of the channel we have changed the name to TV Vision Sweden.

The leader of the TV department at Visjon Norway, Gawdat Mtrious, has visited Sweden several times in the last few months to build relationships with the partners of the relaunched channel.

– It’s important to us that TV Vision Sweden is built upon the same concept as TV Vision Norway. It should focus on salvation, healing, kids, aid and Israel. These are elements that are well known from TV Vision Norway, says the TV leader.


The structure is the same

TV Vision Norway produces about half of the programs they broadcast. The rest are produced by broadcasting partners like Evangeliesenteret, Open Doors, Hillsong, Filadelfia in Kristiansand, and several other organisations that contribute with programs that can be seen on the channel.

This is also how things will be done in TV Vision Sweden. There will be programs from Youth With A Mission, Open Doors Sweden, Livets Ord, the Oas movement, the Pentecostal Churches of Uppsala and Uddevalla etc.

– An ecumenical platform based on contributions from other organizations, and live broadcast every night are elements that we also bring with us into TV Vision Sweden, says Gawdat Mtrious.


Children’s programs

The children’s place in the concept becomes as significant in Sweden as it is in Norway. As a start, we broadcast half-hour children’s programs Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But some things will be different on the Swedish channel:
– Yes, we have started sending immigrant TV where we broadcast two hours in Arabic and two hours in Farsi every day. The programs are broadcasted from 12.00-14.00 and 14.00-16.00, Gawdat says proudly. With his Egyptian background, he has an advantage when making agreements. He has, among other things, secured a collaboration with SAT 7, one of the largest Christian companies in the media industry in the Middle East with headquarters in Cyprus. They have also established an agreement with the largest Evangelical Assembly in Egypt for programs. The congregation located in Cairo has 8,000 members.


Lived 10 years in Sweden

We have also got a collaboration with TBN Farsi in the USA. The leader Reza Safa has lived 10 years in Sweden. He was a Muslim and far from the Christian faith. He was saved in Sweden and can today convey his message to both Farsi and Swedish, to the delight of the viewers of the new channel, Gawdat says. He also wishes to mention Centrumkyrkan in Sundbyberg in the same breath. Merzek Botros, who is pastor, is Arab and works daily among people.

– He can become a strong future TV host in this department of Vision Sweden, Gawdat believes.


Swedish mission field

We believe that Sweden is a mission field and we want to create a network of congregations that can spread the good message with us. The creation of programs is done alternately in Norway and Sweden, but the programs are broadcast from the MCR (Master Control Room) in Drammen, which is Vision Norway’s head office.

– In many ways we are in an establishment phase that will end with a broader launch in November. But right now we can see that the number of replays from April to June has decreased from twenty-eight to seven. The goal is now the standard of TV Vision Norway, namely three replays, says Gawdat Mtrious.

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